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Your technology partner for the long haul

Blue Sky


TerraVision is an industry leader in real-time fleet management tracking, reporting and information systems and delivers solutions to agencies, governments and commercial industries all around the globe.

We specialise in breakthrough software and hardware technologies in the area of data acquisition, communications, telemetry and analytics.

With headquarters in Perth, Western Australia, we deliver tailored solutions to various industries worldwide including: Mining, Maritime, Passenger Transport, Fisheries and Mobile Network Communications. Our solutions are tailored to the needs of our clients and our focus is to increase productivity, efficiency and performance across your business operations.

With over 25 years of proven history, we remain as one of
Australia’s leaders in telemetry based, passenger information


At TerraVision, we are dedicated to delivering industry-leading tailored and cost-effective solutions to improve efficiency, productivity and performance across businesses in real-time.



We understand our clients' needs and place high-value on exceeding expectations.

  • We strive for excellence and deliver outstanding results.

  • We commit to embracing change and continuous innovation.

  • We deliver our service with integrity and care.

  • We consider our clients' needs as priority.

“I have found the data integrity and ease of use of the TerraVision system for my employees has been excellent."

Mining Contractor, Western Australia.

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