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TerraVision utilises leading industrial grade base station and antenna equipment specifically suited to the mining environment.

Base Stations

Our Base stations are tried and tested, with leading technology from Airspan™. Our Macro-cell capabilities scaling to 20W transmission power, with low consumption, 3GPP compliance, X2 handover and MIMO ready application ensure we have your site covered.

Our average coverage capabilities extend up to 10km for a single Macro-cell, with the ability to run up to 512 concurrent active sessions on one single Base Station.

(LTE Band 3, 20Mhz spectrum)

TerraVision Zetel supports all industrial and domestic CPEs, LTE equipment and any compatible LTE handsets.

SIM cards are provisioned through our management system to ensure you have full control and know exactly who’s using your network.

When it comes to antenna’s we only work with the best suited antenna for your site deployment. There is no one size fits all, so we carefully design the network with an antenna selection to optimise the overall user experience and performance of your network.

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