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TerraVision Zetel’s end-to-end private LTE solution supports a flexible architecture allowing adaptability to any remote site environment. 

With full industry standard 3GPP compliant Zetel LTE Evolved Packet Core, software and market leading small-cell and macro-cell radio base station equipment, TerraVision Zetel delivers time and time again.


Our network solutions have full functional support for the following:

  • Mobility management, Security procedures, Session management, E-RAB operations, Location management and Mobile handover.

  • Subscribers management and static QoS provision.

  • LTE Serving Gateway with embedded S5 interface.

  • Radio and Data Bearer operations, Embedded PCRF, Advanced QoS provision and execution with advanced IP network routing features.

  • Support of interfaces: S1-AP, S1-U, S11, S6a, SGi, S10 and S13.

  • FCAPS compliant network management and full support of SNMP, SysLog and other configuration and diagnostic tools.

  • System statistics and CDR.

  • Software and Hardware watchdogs.

The solution is optimised for your site environment and requirement to deliver high throughput with very low latency.

TerraVision Zetel is a true turn-key solution. The system requires virtually no LTE specialty whatsoever to operate. Any site network or IT team will be able to comfortably operate the whole LTE environment with no more than the supplied TerraVision Zetel site training (3hrs). With 24/7 remote support and TerraVision Zetel Managed Service you can have complete peace of mind and confidence in your network.


Where TerraVision Zetel continues to excel above its competitors is in our high performance, low cost of ownership, turn-key delivery.

No longer do customers need to pay major Telco carrier price tags to achieve high performance on their site. With our low CAPEX and optional OPEX pricing solutions, our private LTE solution gives you complete scalability and exceptional performance to make LTE a reality on your site today.

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