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TerraVision Zetel is built from the ground up to perform on your site.


High Performance, Low Power Overhead

TerraVision Zetel is specifically optimised to deliver no less than 225% of the total network capacity for any site (in DL/UL Mbps).

Case Example:

Single Band 3 Macro Cell Radio Installation (10MHz spectrum)

  • Average distance of coverage from a single cell:  5 – 10km

  • Maximum throughput at 10MHz (DL/UL):  75/25Mbps

  • Number of concurrent sessions:  512

  • Latency measured on 20MHz channel (DL/UL):  10ms/25ms

  • 350W average total power consumption *varies depending on networking equipment


Solar Power

With the use of our lower power Base Stations, solar is an option for all our site deployments. Our remote solar solutions can be delivered to site as skid steer, trailer or as a fixed installation.

Our deployments ensure a minimum of 5 days of solar autonomy for complete power to all installed remote networking equipment including eNodeB’s, PTP microwave backhaul and network switches.

Mobile Communications Trailers and Skids

Our high performing industry standard solar trailers and skids give you the flexibility for quick deployment and optimal infill of signal coverage on your site. We work with leaders in mining solar trailer, skid and mast design to ensure the hardware delivered outperforms all expectation.

Tower Consultancy

Not sure what tower you need or whether your infrastructure is suitable for a TerraVision Zetel LTE network?

Our consultancy service will help you determine the requirement needed on site as well as modelling the signal environment for a TerraVision Zetel network delivery. We work to utilise existing site infrastructure where possible to maximise benefit and minimise cost. With experience in installation of many communication towers, TerraVision Zetel is with you every step of the way.

Our numerous mine site LTE solar power systems have proven to be a safe and sure choice.

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