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The Zetel Evolved Packet Core (EPC) is a high output, industrial grade LTE core built to outperform the expectations of our clients. With leading software design and technology by Zetel Solutions, the Zetel EPC delivers impressive results time and time again.

Zetel EPC has full functional support for the following:

  • Mobility management, Security procedures, Session management, E-RAB operations, Location management and Mobile handover.

  • Subscribers management and static QoS provision.

  • LTE Serving Gateway with embedded S5 interface.

  • Radio and Data Bearer operations, Embedded PCRF, Advanced QoS provision and execution with advanced IP network routing features.

  • Support of interfaces: S1-AP, S1-U, S11, S6a, SGi, S10 and S13.

  • FCAPS compliant network management and full support of SNMP, SysLog and other configuration and diagnostic tools.

  • System statistics and CDR.

  • Software and Hardware watchdogs.

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